Celebration Dinner

My beloved took me to City O’ City in Denver for my 50th Birthday dinner by request. It is a vegan restaurant and bar, which makes amazing bar food! I’m not vegan myself, but I eat meatless about 3-4 times a week to cut down on my environmental impact and for my health. If you are ever in Denver and want excellent vegan or vegetarian food, I highly recommend it. It’s just a few blocks from the Capital on E 13th Ave.

The Buff Wrap

I got the Buff Wrap, which is seitan tenders (pronounced just like Satan, which makes it all the more fun!) tossed in buffalo sauce and wrapped with green leaf lettuce, onions, tomatoes and their homemade vegan ranch dressing – which MAKES the whole thing. Ask for extra ranch dressing. I’ve no idea how they make it, but I adore this dressing. It comes with a side of fries or mixed greens. Either is good. I used to get the mixed greens to be healthy, but I recently tried their fries and found out I have been missing out on the best fries I’ve ever had! And I generally do not like fries much.

My Beloved

The have an excellent coffee & tea bar as well as a fully stocked bar for all of your organic alcohol needs. Like who doesn’t need persimmon liqueur and locally sourced honey in their cocktail? I don’t know what lee crème de violette is, but it’s delicious. I recommend the Deviation off the cocktail menu.

After this fine meal, my Beloved took me home for more festivities. Not the least of which was this amazing chocolate raspberry cake! It is possibly the most decadent cake I’ve ever had. It’s from Whole Foods – well worth it! The frosting tastes like chocolate mousse, but isn’t too sweet. The center has a layer of raspberry filling that goes well with the dark chocolate cake. It is very much worthy of a 50th Birthday cake.

The Cake

In addition to all of this wonderfulness, my beloved got me a special, imported gift from Greece which means the world to me. She found a replica of a vase that was once used to make wine. On one side is the Goddess Aphrodite, who is my patron Goddess, and on the other side of the vase is the God Dionysus, who is one of my patron Gods:

Aphrodite painted on a Greek wine vase
Dionysus painted on a Greek wine vase

Both of these deities are so important to me, I can’t believe she found them on the same object! The vase is now housed on my witchy baker’s rack in the kitchen.

This was such a special day, and a great way to start off the second half of my life. Thank you, so much, Beloved, for making it such a special day.


Happy Birthday!

The birthday girl

Today is my 50th birthday and I’m celebrating it by launching my new blog! For years now, I’ve been avoiding my destiny to embrace my true identity. I’ve lived years in the shadows as the awkward one, the quiet one, the shy one, the person who was content to live a life unnoticed. But over the past few years I’ve done a lot of digging in the dirt, excavating and unearthing the person I was born to be.

I am the April Fool!

I’m ready to embrace exactly who and what I am apologetically!

This blog is about spirituality, cooking, gardening, traipsing about, playing with animals, talking to plants, kitchen witchery, life as a neurodivergent being, ecospirituality, the Divine Feminine and anything that brings joy and laughter to my heart.